“Specializing in ready-to-wear, haute couture,  footwear, luggage, and perfume.”

Minimalistic Designer Fashion Maison MDFM

L’art de Minimalisme

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Counterfeiting is an illegal violation of intellectual property, trademarks, and patents.

PRYSM ATELIER® brand products are of superior quality, something you will not receive from a counterfeit product. Counterfeiters do not uphold the standards of legitimate business practices.

Counterfeiters deceive consumers by reconstructing products of inferior quality; Compromising our brands integrity by ignoring all fair labor employment practices. Counterfeiters often provide substandard working conditions & wages that violate basic human rights laws, as well as commissioning child laborers.

PRYSM ATELIER® will aggressively prosecute counterfeiters as well as Trademark infringers because it’s important for you to know just how serious counterfeiting impacts the fashion industry directly, and how it also undermines our dedication to produce high-quality products and fair business practices.

Intellectual Property Rights

The domain name, the brand name PRYSM ATELIER® and the contents listed on this site are the lawful property of PRYSM ATELIER, INC or are used by PRYSM ATELIER® with the fashion house’s consent. Any reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, publication and, in general, any use, even if not mentioned, of the intellectual property rights of PRYSM ATELIER, INC will be prosecuted by law. 

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We do not sell nor trade the financial information of our consumers.

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